Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Urban decay primer potions.

soo recently i purchased all of 3 of the primer potions from urban decay. the original, the sin, and the eden. and i have to say, i love them all. believe it or not, they all have different purposes and i use all of them. i really did not know the differences between them and i really couldnt find any help. so for all of those who are in the position i was, here u go! here is a detailed review of these potions :]

- All 3 of them cost ($18) each. Buy at sephora.
- All are the same size and same type of bottle.
- All have an angled sponge brush applicator.
- All have the same type of creamy consistency.
- All are great for priming :].

Original primer Potion.
the original primer potion is a translucent formula, just blend it into the eye lid it will give u a clear cover. angled sponge applicator, purple bottle.

Primer Potion in Sin.
the main and only difference with this potion compared to the other 2 is that it leaves a shimmery cover for ur eye lid. (a shimmer that is actually reallyyyy pretty). when i am in a rush i could just rub this on my eye lids and it imitates a light shimmery gold/brown eye shadow :]. great primer for any shimmery eye shadow looks you might want to do.

Primer potion in Eden.
the only difference with this potion is that it leaves a nude-colored coat over ur eye lid. NOT translucent like the original, a nude colored. For a natural look, i just use this on my eye lids and concealer for my dark circles. great for the days u want something natural. or the days u need/want a nude colored background for ur eyeshadow look :] oh, and the bottle texture is different compared to the other 2. this bottle has like a soft suede feel to it. unlike the other 2, which have a slippery feel to the bottles.

actual size of bottles, all the same. eden in picture.

The angled brush applicator. All the same for all 3 of the potions.

Some swatches. from left to right (eden, sin, & original)
these swatches are not rubbed in, i just dabbed them from the applicators.

-Excellent formula for non-creasing, and long lasting color eye shadows.
-creamy formula A.K.A: a LITTLE amount goes a long way.
-can also work to do makeup art. (i have used it before for this) can put on wherever you want makeup. (cheeks, forehead, etc.).
-cute design. :]

-BE CAREFUL when putting in and out the wand. the formula can spill out.
-also, when closing, the formula does sometimes comes/spill out.
-all 3 have a "makeup scent". hopefully u know what i mean, i cant describe it. if u don't, it wont kill, not horrible/bad, but not the most pleasant scent.

I hoped this helped everyone out there who is thinking of purchasing these. and well hope u enjoyed! ;D. if you have ANYYY questions about these, just ask in a comment :].

XOXO, Dayna

AprilAthena7's Beauty Blog

This is my blog entry for April's giveaway :]. Well April, i hope you enjoy this blog entry for you. PLEASE choose me! :]]. hopefullyyy 1st place :D. I love your videos and ur blog post even more!

go check out her blog!!!

my current desires

my current desires :[.. unfortuantlyyyy with school, i cant work right now. (time wise) i just cant balance both, sooo i have to wait until the summer :/.. soo just a list here of my DEEP DESIRES..

BADLYY desire, Sigma Premium Kit: $150

BADLYYY desire this, the Sigma Travel Brush Kit: $50.
In Naughty in Black.
mean like, who doesn't love sigma? :]

coastal scents 88 piece shimmer palette: $20

Benefit One hot minute: (i believeee $28)

MAC studio fix fluid foundation: $26

soooo those are the basic things i desire. especiallyyyyy the sigma products :[. but oh well, until then i try. what do u guys desire right now? :]

Welcome myself to the blogging world :]

My first blog entry :]]! i absolutelyyyy love blogging and i cant wait to put more entries in!! :]]. my blog is all about (or going to be about) all makeup and beauty. i think natural is beautiful but makeup is just glam and fabulous. cant wait :]. soo i hope u enjoy :]