Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my current desires

my current desires :[.. unfortuantlyyyy with school, i cant work right now. (time wise) i just cant balance both, sooo i have to wait until the summer :/.. soo just a list here of my DEEP DESIRES..

BADLYY desire, Sigma Premium Kit: $150

BADLYYY desire this, the Sigma Travel Brush Kit: $50.
In Naughty in Black.
mean like, who doesn't love sigma? :]

coastal scents 88 piece shimmer palette: $20

Benefit One hot minute: (i believeee $28)

MAC studio fix fluid foundation: $26

soooo those are the basic things i desire. especiallyyyyy the sigma products :[. but oh well, until then i try. what do u guys desire right now? :]

1 comment:

  1. after looking at this I'm adding the brush travel kit to my wish list. :-)