Thursday, April 1, 2010

Covergirl lash blast mascaras

A while ago, in the summer i believe, i bought the lash blast length, in addition to my original lash blast. and i decided to make a blog of the differences of these mascaras. hope this helps all of those who are wondering :]. oh and interesting little fact, the lash blast was the actual first product of makeup i ever had :]

the original lash blast.
(photo provided by google)

I'm pretty sure just about every makeup fanatic out there has either tried or probably already have this little beauty in their makeup collection. and honestly, i don't blame them. i love the result this mascara gives me. this is a necessity in my makeup collection and gives simply great volume and everything my lashes need. the brush is large in size, but the bristles are tiny and very close to the brush. if u look closely at the brush, the bristles farther from the wand, the bristles are even smaller then the ones that are closer to the wand. i use this part to go into the smaller lashes in the inner and outer corners of my eyes. (if u see it in real life, you'll understand wat i mean lolz)
the lash blast length
(photo provided by google)

before i bought this i was so curios about it, considering the fact that i love the last blast. and well i love it too. now, there IS a difference between the original and this length one. actually a big one. the lash blast length, does give u length, that is one of the reasons why i love it. BUT, it does not give u volume. volume is not the purpose for this mascara. this gives u length and only length. people i know have bought this and have complained, this is why i'm saying this lol. so, if u do buy this, don't expect volume, like what u would get with the original last blast. but, the length u do get is gorgeous, yet natural at the same time.

i wear the original lash blast on a daily basis, and the last blast length for the days i want to go natural.

now, photos :D

before, with nothing on my lashes.

after, with lash blast (right eye)

after, with lash blast length (left eye)

i only used one coat on each eye, no primer, and i didn't even curl my lashes.

the lash blast original is one of my favorites. in the past, i passed it on to someone else, and during that time i missed it like crazy. so now i always have one. the lash blast length i have it for the days i just don't feel like wearing much makeup. yet, i want my lashes to look great at the same time. the lash blast length formula is much lighter and not as heavy or thick as the lash blast formula. i assume, that the lash blast length (and lash blast) would work great for the women with thin lashes. like i said, i used nothing but one coat of the mascaras on my lashes, so, imagine if you actually curled your lashes or put a second coat? i don't think that these mascaras would need a primer, i personally don't recommend it. not for these mascaras.

i love both of these mascaras and they both have different purposes. overall, i love both, and i really do get length from the lash blast length, and i do get volume from the lash blast. i recommend both. like i said before, the lash blast length, DOES NOT give volume. it gives length.

well, i reallyyyy hope i helped with any questions of these mascaras. if u have anyyy questions, just leave me a comment :)

XOXO, Dayna

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