Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maybelline eye studio eyeshadow combo's :]

Maybelline recently came out with their new Eye Studio line. and i did buy 2 of their products.

-The Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow. (Quad) This is the one i have, purple icon. :]

although i wish this was a little more pigmented. i actually really like this product :]. the colors are pretty vibrant. and i just love the combinations they have. :]. one of my Maybelline faves :]. One con, doesn't last as long as i wish. but pretty good for a drugstore eyeshadow quad.

Swatches (i'm sorry about the picture quality :/)

i also have, The Eye Studio Color pearls marbleized Eyeshadow (Duo).

The color here is Silver Starlet.

- yet another product i enjoy. like the quad, doesn't last as long as i would like, but the colors are vibrant. great combinations. a little warning, when/if i pack this on, there is fallout. besides tat, great results :].

i honestly love these 2 products and am actually surprised, i usually don't enjoy buying drugstore eye shadows. but i have to say not bad :], and a thumbs up for both. i have had these products for about 3 months together :]. i do recommend.

any questions, just ask :]

XOXO, Dayna.

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  1. I'm testing out some of these Eye studio shadows as well. So far so good!

    Michelle (