Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My very simple skin care system

whenver i go to youtube or look at other blogs, many gurus get their glowing/healthy skin from a bunch of products. (which i have nothing against). i mean as long as u get the results u want, i think u should be happy :]. well my system is one item.

i love this products. its pretty cheap (around $5, depending where u shop), easy to find (drug store, walmart, target), and it works. it makes my skin feel soft and helps wit acne.

-easy to find (no need to go to the mall or anything)
-works great for getting rid of acne

-it is a scrub. meaning, those wit very sensitive skin MIGHT find the beads rough.

besides tat i apply my lotion. really nothing to it :]. i TRYYY to wash my face twice a day, but i mostly do it once. whenever i take a shower in the morning is mostly when. i scrub my face wit this first, leave it on while i shampoo and such, then wash it off when I'm done.

they do have different versions of this product, i have the invigorating scrub and the acne cleaner. either way, i love them. the invigorating scrub makes my skin feel fresh.

well tats really it, i hope any of u found this helpful! :]

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