Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Sigma Professional Brush Set

I know I'm a little late on the sigma brushes, but i still wanted to make a detailed post about them for all of my followers. So i was VERY fortunate to win these brushes thanks to Sigma, twitter and Jessica :]. Jessica, PicturesqueMakeup, held a contest for the sigma brush set, and well, i won! :]. (Go check her out on youtube and twitter.) she is a collaborator with Sigma. I was very fortunate to win this set, and i have been using these 12 brushes every single day since i received them (THANK U JESSICA AND SIGMA). There is a very big hype of these on youtube and such, and i now see why! the quality of these brushes are AMAZING! So i hope this review helps, and that all of you like it! :]. These are my own personal opinions, and i have been using these brushes for almost a month now.

For one thing, the brush roll. This is made out of some type of soft leather, it is so durable and great for travel. It's not heavy in anyway even with the brushes. it closes magnetically and its secure. great material :]. As you can see with the picture, it has a flap for the brushes. oh, and they also come with a pamphlet that shows all the brushes, what their used for, and what type of bristles their made out of (natural or synthetic). SOOO, here you go :]

NOWW, the brushes. The set comes with 12 brushes, and they are mainly the basic needs for makeup, great for those who are just starting out with makeup or those who are already professional but want a great "necessity" set. :]

-The SS150, Large Powder Brush. Great for any compact powder. SUPERRRRR SOFT!. I also use this for a loose powder. i do believe a kabuki is really made for loose powders, but either way, i believe this brush does the same job. hopefully, i try and compare one day. Its very soft, yet dense enough to still keep its shape.

-The SS187,duo fiber brush. I honestly don't know how i went on without this brush, i <3 it! It is so perfect when it comes to applying foundation. It really does give a "airbrush" look to your face. A very big necessity for my makeup application. Dense yet soft to the touch :]. I have also used this for my powder compact.

-The SS190, Foundation brush. i love how big this brush is, great to have a quick application. I don't really use this for foundation, BUT for applying moisturizers, :D love. It is not because of the brush that i don't use foundation, i just personally prefer the duo fibers for foundation. love for my lotions/moisturizers.

-The SS168, contouring brush. This brush is simply perfect for contouring. I barely need to apply any product to get the result i need, because of the brush. love when it comes to contouring my cheek bones and temples.

-The SS194, concealer brush. i love using this brush for concealing any little troubles areas i may have. for example, left over pimple scars (-_-), or any blemishes i may have. dense and soft. because of the size, i use my finger for my dark circles (the bursh is a bit small for them). but i love to apply the concealer to my dark circles using this brush either way.

-The SS219, pencil brush. Putting color under my water line is so easy now having this brush. so precise with application. i try so hard to keep its shape :]. great when i want to put color in a certain area. Also, great if you want precise application to the inner corner.

-The SS224, blending brush. This is probably the best blending brush i have ever seen/had. I love this brush, perfect blending application. So soft and great size. LOVE.

-The SS252, Large shader brush. This brush is perfect for applying primer or paint pots. any type of creamy eye products. Now, when i use eye primer, THIS is the brush i use, perfect :].

-The SS275, large angled brush. this brush is perfect for applying a highlight under my brow bone. also, great if you want to apply bigger amount of color into the inner corner.

-The SS239. I LITERALLY use this brush every single time i do eye makeup. its a perfect tool for eyeshadows on the eye lid. i also use for under the brow bone sometimes too :].

- The SS209, precise eye liner brush. I love using this brush with creamy eye liners. just wet it a little, then apply the creamy eye liner :]. really is perfect and precise. I wear eyeliners on my eye lid often.

-And finally, the SS266. i brush is the best for filling in eyebrows. its thin, dense and precise. can also use for cream eyeliner applications. :]

These are all 12 of the brushes included in this great kit! :]. Some of these brushes, like the SS239, SS187, SS150, SS168, SS224, and SS252, i use every single day, like no matter wat. I love these brushes a lot. I HIGHLY recommend to those who are just starting out wit makeup. it cost $90(w/ the brush roll) or $70(w/o brush roll, just brushes.) although, makeup professionals would definitely love these as well. the brush roll you can buy for $20 by itself.

GO TO: for more information!

now, because i love completing things, and brushes period, i am trying to get the premium kit. its currently one of my DEEP DEEEP desires, (u can see the desires blog below.) so i really hope one day to complete my brush kit. If/when i do, i will do a video and detailed blog entry for the premium kit as well :]. I want them really badly right now, it's become my new obsession. so, hopefully i do get it :[. ($150 for premium kit.)

anywayz, i hope all of you enjoyed this entry and as always, if you have any questions for me, just comment! :]. Follow me!

XOXO, Dayna.

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  1. Great review! I have a friend who wants to buy these, I'll let her know about your post! :)