Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Product i regret -__-

we have all had one or a few there. products we regrettt. so here is one.. the Cover girl Smokey Shadow Blast. because of how amazing the lash blast mascaras are, i was kinda excited to try this out, and wit the commercial and all, i had to try it :]. buttt i have to say i regret buying this, and i wish i didnt buy it.

this is it, and this is the same color i got (sorry i don't know the exact color name). i believe this cost around $11.

now the things i don't like i like about it:
- it creases.
- color doesn't last long enough. (barely)
- colors fade away, especially the step 2.

the second step i personally think is worse than the first. i also tried just using the first step, didn't work out either. i bought this in about, march. and i was actually disappointed about it. i used it the way it said in the packaging, and in other ways. but it just didn't work for me. not only tat, but the stick of the first step broke off! pretty sensitive. i honestly wish i didn't buy this because i feel bad not using something out (-_-). but yea i personally don't like tis product and i would not recommend. hope this review helped and any questions just ask :]

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  1. i regret buying this too! such a waste. it looked so cool in videos and advertisements!