Thursday, April 1, 2010

My favorite drug store eyeliner

I wanted to make a quick blog of my favoriteeee drugstore eyeliner that i believe is just awesome. i usually buy the M.A.C eye kohl (in smolder, black) for my regular eyeliner, but when i just cant afford it, or as a backup, i buy this one. the covergirl outlast smooth-wear eyeliner. the mac eyeliner i believe is $13? and this is one cost $7.

one day during the summer, i went to the beach. all i had on, makeup wise, was sun screen, this eyeliner on my water lines, and a little bit of powder. now, i went into the water for about an hour, jumping around, putting my head in the waves, jumping into and out of the waves, i took a nap, i sun tanned with my eyes closed, and i STILL had this on my eyes when i left. i was at the beach for about 5 hours. i still had this on... i think that pretty cool. i love this eyeliner. the only con i have for this eyeliner is that, it doesn't have such a smooth application, unfortunately. i just wish it was better. besides that i love it, and is a definite for me. i recommend it. i tried many drug store eyeliners, this is definite one of my favorites. love.

well, i hoped this helped, any questions just ask. :]

XOXO, Dayna

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